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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sathu Maavu Podi (Sathu Maavu Powder)

Sathu Maavu Powder is made out of grains, nuts, dals and it is rich in protein. Sathu maavu powder is used to prepare kanji. It is a drink that keeps you full and healthy. I learnt this recipe from my mother and posting it for u………

250g Ragi (Millet finger)
250g Red Rice
250g kambu (Millet pearl)
250g Green Gram (Pachai Payaru)
150g Barley
150g Jawarisi (Sago)
100g White Soya
100g Corn
100g white corn
100g Pottu Kadalai (Roasted Gram Dal)
100g Nilakadalai paruppu (Peanuts)
50g Cashew nuts
50g Almonds
10 Cardamoms
20g Dry Ginger

1. Dry roast all the ingredients one by one on low flame except dry ginger and keep it aside.
2. Allow it to cool and grind it to a fine powder.
3. Store it an air tight container and use whenever required.

For Preparing Sathu mavu kanji:

1. Mix 2 tsp flour with ½ cup of water and mix well.
2. Heat the above mixture on low flame and cook till the mixture thickens (stir in between to avoid sticking).
3. Add a cup of milk and sugar to the above mixture and mix well.
4. Sathu Mavu Kanji is ready to serve.

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